Sharing dashboards

Auto-distribute dashboards to email or Slack

Dashboards can be easily configured to auto-distribute to either email or Slack destinations on a custom schedule. You can also export a snapshot of your dashboards as a PDF.

Dashboard permissions

Dashboards inherit the permissions of the workbook they are contained in.

  • Creating and editing: Only members with Can edit access to the workbook can create and edit the dashboard in a workbook. They can also add and modify dashboard destinations.
  • Viewing: Any member with Can edit or Read only access to the workbook will be able to view the dashboard. Use the Dashboard only only option if you want select members not to have access to other worksheets in the workbook.

Dashboard destinations

You can add email or Slack destinations to send a snapshot of a dashboard on a custom schedule (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly). You can only configure each destination once per workbook.

Configuring Slack as a destination

  1. In order to send scheduled reports to Slack, you must first connect your Equals Workspace to your Slack Workspace. You will be prompted to do this when adding Slack as a dashboard destination for the first time. You can configure this connection at any time in your Equals workspace settings.
  2. Once your Equals Workspace is connected to your Slack Workspace, you must invite the Equals Slack app to any private channels you want to send scheduled reports to. This app is automatically installed when you perform step one. You do not need to do this for public channels.

A quick note on permissions

Note that Equals respects your permissions in Slack. This means that other Equals users can only see the Slack channels they have access to. This includes when an Equals member with Can edit access is adding channels to the Slack destination and also when viewing which Slack channels have already been added.


Can I change the schedule or destination of dashboards after they've been configured?

Yes, you can modify the schedule and destination of dashboards at any time.

Do I need to be a Slack administrator to set up a connection?

Yes, you need to be an administrator of your Slack workspace in order to set up a connection to Equals.

Can I send a test dashboard send before setting the schedule?

Yes, when you configure a destination send you'll be able to test the automation before setting it live.

Can I preview a dashboard send before scheduling?

Yes, when you configure a destination send you'll see a preview of the dashboard on the left hand side of the screen.