Connect to a Snowflake warehouse from Equals

To connect to Snowflake you need four pieces of information: Account URL, Database name, Username, Password. The Default schema field is optional.

  1. To find your Account URL, open your Snowflake dashboard and go to Admin > Accounts.
  2. Find the account you want to connect to (you may have one or multiple), hover over the name, and click the link button to copy the URL. Paste this value (it should be of the form into Equals.
  3. To find your Database name, click Data in the dashboard sidebar, make sure Databases is selected under Data.
  4. You will now see a list of your databases, copy the Database name of the database you want into Equals.
  5. Finally, you need to enter the Username and Password with access to the database. If you’re unsure of what to enter here ask for help from whoever set up Snowflake for your company.

Allowing access from our IP

You may need to allow connections from Equals IP address. To do so:

  1. In the Snowflake dashboard go to Admin > Security, ensure Network policies is selected in the tab bar at the top.
  2. If you have no active policies, Equals should be able to access your database. If you have an active policy, continue following these steps.
  3. Click the “…” menu beside your active policy, then “Edit Policy.
  4. Paste Equals’ IP address in the text field under X allowed IP addresses and press enter.
  5. Click Save changes. Equals should now be able to access your database.