Send dashboards to email and Slack

Put your reporting on autopilot by automatically distributing dashbaords to stakeholders on custom schedules

What's better than dashbaords that auto-update? Dashboards that automatically distribute.


Who can add and edit a destinations

Only workspace members with Can edit permission for to the workbook can add and edit destinations. See Manage dashboard access and permissions for more information.

Adding a destination

Click on Publishin the top-right of a dashboard. From here, you can configure custom schedules (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly) to automatically send a dashboard snapshot to selected destinations, including email and Slack.

Configuring a destination

For both email and Slack, you'll see a preview of how your dashboard will appear and be able to choose:

  1. How frequently you want to send a snapshot of your dashboard to that destination:
    1. Hourly
    2. Daily
    3. Weekly
    4. Monthly
  2. The time you want it to send. Note that times are based on the workbook's defined timezone, which can be changed under File > Settings.
  3. The email addresses or Slack channels you want to send it to.

You can perform a test send before saving the destination.

Auto-refresh data before sending

Your dashboard's charts, tables and cells will auto-update whenever the underlying data is updated. We recommend scheduling your dashboard to send to destinations after any scheduled queries are set to run to ensure recipients receive the most up-to-date version of the data on your dashboard.

Connecting Slack

To send dashboards to Slack, you must first connect your Equals Workspace to your Slack Workspace. If a connection has not already been established, you will be prompted to do this when adding Slack as a dashboard destination for the first time. You can configure this connection anytime in your Equals workspace settings.

Once your Equals Workspace is connected to your Slack Workspace, you must invite the Equals Slack app to any private channels you want to send dashboards to. This app is automatically installed when you perform step one. You do not need to do this for public channels.


A quick note on permissions

Equals respects permissions in Slack. This means that Equals users can only see the Slack channels they can access in Slack when creating, editing, or viewing a scheduled destination.


Can I change a scheduled destination after saving it?

Yes, you can modify and delete a scheduled destination at any time.

Do I need to be a Slack administrator to set up a connection to Slack?

Yes, you need to be an administrator of your Slack workspace to set up a connection to Equals.