Query version history


Workspaces will migrate to a new and improved query experience, starting the week of May 15, 2024. For more, see this help doc.

With query version history, your workbook will automatically keep a copy of every query and the resulting data that was returned from that query. From the version history panel, you can easily restore past versions of a query and the associated data.

To restore a previous query run:

  1. Navigate to the query in either the query builder or SQL editor.
  2. Click on the ⏱ icon to the right of your datasource name to open the query version history panel.
  3. Select a previous version of the query to restore.
  4. Select a restore option in the top right corner of the version history panel. If you click Restore, that version of the query and the associated output data will be returned. If you click Restore Query Only, a query run will not complete and only the query syntax will be restored.