Secret groups

Store Import Script secrets in an encrypted, shareable store

With Import Scripts, you can write your own custom Javascript or Python code to import data from any API or internal tool directly into an Equals workbook. Secret Groups allow you to securely store secrets (API keys, passwords, etc.) outside your code, in an encrypted and shareable store.

To create a new secret group, go to the Import Script settings (Datasources > Import Script) and click Create Secret Group:

You can add any number of secrets and any number of users to a secret group. To use a secret group, you select it on a per-script basis in the Import Script toolbar. You can select as many as you want:

Other users with access to the workbook can only run the script if they have access to all secret groups used.

Security FAQ

How do you store my secrets securely?

All secrets are stored encrypted in our database, with keys only accessible to the necessary production servers. Access to these servers is extremely restricted within the engineering organization.

How do you keep my secrets safe within my organization?

Secrets are only accessible to users with whom they are explicitly shared. Only users with access to all secret groups used in a script are able to run the script.