Calculated columns

Attach columns to your queried data that expand with each query run


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Calculated columns are columns adjacent to queried output that contain a formula. This formula applies to the entire column and auto expands and contracts as the data returned from a query changes.

Calculated columns are useful for extracting details from your queried data that make summary tables easy to create. For example, using a calculated column to categorize dates into quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3...) or months into numbers (1, 2, 3...) will make it simple to set up a summary table that uses SUMIFS formulas.

To add a calculated column:

  1. Run a query and enter an optional header value into the column adjacent to the queried output.
  2. Enter a formula into the cell beneath the header value (example cell D2). After pressing enter, the formula will automatically fill the column. The light green color indicates the calculated column is set up correctly.


Can I create multiple calculated columns?

To add another calculated column, it must be immediately adjacent to the last calculated column.

How can I delete a calculated column?

If you delete the formula in any of the cells of a calculated column, the light green shading will persist but the calculation will be removed. Right clicking on the column header will allow you to delete the calculated column.