Format text and reference cells

Reference cells, format text, and create hyperlinks using Markdown on dashboards

Reference cells inline, bold, italicize, list, and hyperlink text on dashboards using Markdown.

Supported Markdown

Styling and linking text

MarkdownFormatted text
**bold** or __bold__bold
*italics* or _italics_italics
[hyperlink to a great blog]( to a great blog


The Markdown to create bulleted and numbered lists is as follows:

- Bullet one
- Bullet two
- Bullet three
1. First list item
2. Second list item
3. Third list item

These would appear like so when viewing a dashboard:

Bulleted List

  • Bullet one
  • Bullet two
  • Bullet three

Numbered List

  1. First list item
  2. Second list item
  3. Third list item

Referencing Cells

You can display the contents of a cell inline within a paragraph or heading on a dashboard by wrapping the cell reference in double curly brackets.

Sheet nameCellCell referenced in paragraph
Sheet 1C3{{Sheet 1!C3}}
Monthly VisitorsD22{{Monthly Visitors!D22}}

Referencing cells inline is useful when you want to construct sentences like:

Last month's Net New ARR was $868,000. It grew up 10% compared to the previous month (05-2024).

In this example, $12,500, 10%, and 05-2024 are all referenced cells dynamically calculated using formulas in a sheet called ARR Build .

CellCell contentsCalculated outputCell referenced in paragraph
B6Net New ARRNew New ARR{{ARR Build!B6}}
F6=SUM(F2:F5)$868,000{{ARR Build!F6}}
F7=(F6-E6)/E610%{{ARR Build!F7}}
F2=EOMONTH(TODAY(),-1)05-2024{{ARR Build!F2}}

If you put these all together when writing a sentence in your paragraph, it would appear like this in edit mode:

Last month's {{ARR Build!B6}} was {{ARR Build!F6}}. It grew {{ARR Build!F7}} compared to the previous month {{ARR Build!F2}}.