Google Sheets

Connect your Google Sheets to Equals

Formatting your Google Sheets

To connect to your Google Sheets in Equals, first ensure that you have permission to view the Google Sheets workbook you would like to connect, and check that it is properly formatted:

  • There should be a single row of headers at the top
  • Only raw values will be carried over into Equals, not formulas or formats. You can re-apply your formats from Equals.

Connecting to Google Sheets

Once your Google Sheet is properly formatted, you’ll just need your Google Sheets URL to connect to it as a datasource in Equals.

  1. From your Google Sheets workbook, select Share from the top right corner, and then Copy link.
  2. Head to the Datasource page from the Equals home screen.
  3. If you're yet to add a datasource, you will see a list of available datasources. Otherwise, click New Datasource in the top right corner.
  4. Select Google Sheets. Follow the prompt to connect your Google account.
  5. Paste your Google Sheets URL into the Workbook URL field
  6. Select Test & Create.